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  • Includes social skills instruction.

  • Teaches functional life skills.

  • Replaces problem behaviors.

  • Provides treatment for pediatric feeding behaviors.

  • Provides parent training and handling problem behavior.

  • Focuses on reliable measurement and evaluation.

  • Most effective therapy for kids with autism.

Precision Teaching


We proudly use this scientific method to change kids lives.

It is the most effective way to demonstrate how behavior changes across time.

  1. By utilizing this method of teaching and measurement we can quickly identify if plans are going well or if they need to be changed.

  2. If growth behaviors are improving fast we continue with what we are doing.

  3. If changes are not occurring how we like we can make a decision.

All of this is possible with the use of THE STANDARD CELERATION CHART.


Kids Autism Center
We provide services in the following areas:

Federal Way
Bonney Lake
Des Moines

Parent Training

We provide parent consultations and training in Spanish and English, so your kid can reach goals faster.

We require constant participation of parents during ABA therapy. Participation may include team meeting, development of relevant goals, data collection, and implementation and involvement in the implementation of recommended strategies.

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